New year.. new goals. { Personal}

It’s just a dream, until you write it down.. then it becomes a goal”…

I saw this on a bulletin board at my gym last week. I really liked it. I think it’s always good to write new goals down for the New Year. It doesn’t have to be resolutions, you know the kind you always break?;-) Just more of something you would like to see yourself improve at. I thought to myself if I was as good at my fitness goals, which I did really well at achieving last year, how would things be if I applied those same goals to my business?

So I am writing them down, both personal and business goals I hope to achieve in 2014!

{Personal goals}

*Most people know I love fitness! I always start my morning at the gym. Five days a week. I love feeling strong and healthy.. to me this is the most important thing I can do for myself. I dropped 10 pounds this last four months or so. I really focused on eating clean last year and lifting heavy. I love seeing muscles and my goal for next year is to build even more muscle. I know this is mostly due to a clean diet and not exercise .. and I love food so this will be tough!  I secretly would love to get ripped just once in my lifetime.

*Organize my home. I got on this kick this year and I have to say, getting rid of stuff you don’t need is so freeing! We updated the old  stuff in our house, bought new furniture, replaced dishes.. towels etc. My husband and I had so. much stuff. It was crazy! I feel so much better now.I hope to bring this into the new year.

*Take more personal pictures of family and places we visit. I plan to blog more personal stuff as well! It’s so fun. I love to look back on it all!

* Go somewhere new I have never been. Last year we got to travel quite a bit and that was amazing,  and this year it will be on a smaller scale since we wanted to do more around the house, but I would love to drive farther up the East Coast to Boston, Maine and Martha’s vineyard and photograph it!

{Business goals}

*Finally update the my website and look of my blog. It really needs it. The problem is I get bored very easily and what I like now,in a month I will be tired of it. Anyone else with this problem? 😉

*Cultivate more friendships with photographers in my community. I found the Northern VA Shoot and Share community.. and I love how friendly and helpful other photographers are! Sometimes this can be hard to find. I’ve met some super sweet friends! Looking forward to more coffee dates.

*Style more shoots next year. I love being part of From her Lens photographers. The girls are super talented and always inspire me to push myself when it comes to shoots. I got into using some fun vintage props this last year with my kids shoots, but would love to expand on it.

* Hit 1,000 likes on my photography page. I know it’s silly, I think I am at 925 now. Just a fun goal!

*Pick up a few small weddings. This last year I did more portrait work but love weddings as well! I love the small, intimate weddings!

*Do a destination wedding! Of course this is one of my dreams! I love traveling and I love photography. How cool to be able to combine the two?

* Shoot more couples and seniors. I love engagement sessions and I love seniors too!

What are some of your goals for the new year?

… and because I want to document more everyday life this next year, here are some shots from our recent trip to Williamsburg. It was beautiful at Christmas!




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