Cherry Blossoms {D.C Spring }

I love heading down to D.C in Spring when everything is in bloom. I have this fascination with the Cherry blossoms. It’s like my own tradition I made, to go down and photograph them every year.

If you haven’t checked them out and you are in the city you definitely should! Also, the Smithsonian gardens are gorgeous this time of year. Of course seventy degree weather doesn’t hurt either taking a nice stroll in the city.

It may be a little crowded, but its definately worth it! We even passed by Newt Gingridge with the secret service surrounding him. Very cool.

I plan on taking lots of days trips this Spring and will document them, if you are like me and have wanderlust. 🙂 Definitely come back and check out my blog! and let me know if you have an D.C favorites!

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