Travels {Costa Rica}

I decided on a whim to pick Costa Rica for our first year anniversary. It was on my bucket list of places I needed to go/ see. In the last couple years I’ve developed this love of travel and need for adventure. I think it all started when I lived in Europe and I was able to jump in the car and be off to Paris, or Switzerland for the weekend. There’s just something about getting to experience new countries and new places that gives you a whole different outlook on life. When people ask me how we travel so much I just say, you spend money on what’s important to you! We only have one life.. and I plan to make mine memorable!

It was an experience I won’t forget, getting to spend this time with my husband in a lush, beautiful  paradise. We arrived to  fresh fruit in our room, with views of the rainforest. We soon learned it was their Winter, which meant rainy season. It usually rained about 4 p.m every evening for at least an hour.. and their Winter is 80 degrees! I totally recommend Villa Caletas, It easily was one of the most beautiful places we have stayed, with an infinity pool overlooking the Pacific Coast. On many nights we saw Iguanas, Coati’s and Scarlet Macaws flying overhead.Oh and the food? Amazing.

On Saturday we spent the Day at Manuel Antonio National Park. I was so excited to see monkeys running around, except they were nowhere to be seen this day. We were able to see Sloths, and many different bugs and animals. The beaches are also very nice! The town winds through a mountain with tons of restaurants and little shops.

Sunday we relaxed at our hotel and enjoyed the beach and infinity pool. Laying in a hammock, which no care in the world with pina coladas= amazing.

Things we learned in Costa Rica:

Don’t believe everything you read online. Rent yourself a car to see the country,  we always felt very safe traveling, the people of Costa Rica were very warm people.

Go out and try the local fare. We loved trying the different restaraunts and food in Jaco. I was suprised how many Americans we saw living there.

Always bring your good camera! I was so happy to be able to get amazing images.

Never brag how many monkeys you will see.. the monkeys will be sure to hide that day! On one of our last days we visited a Neo Fauna and did get to see this sweet baby monkey.

Sloths are adorable! Now I totally understand Kristin Bell’s excitement. I also wanted to squeal and then take one home!

Driving in torrential rain on roads you don’t know, can be very scary!

Split meals! Not only does it save money, It also saves extra padding on your thighs. 🙂

Have a plan! We didn’t and I was so indecisive on taking a day trip! Even though we thoroughly enjoyed our Sunday lounging on the beach and relaxing I would have liked to be adventurous one day.. maybe zipline, or see the Volcano in the Arenal area.

Skip touring the biggest city in Costa Rica, San Jose.. it was a nightmare trying to find anything as they have no street signs! So frustrating. we must have drove for hours looking for a decent place to eat.

All in all, it was one of my most memorable trips!  I can’t wait to go back someday! Pura Vida!


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