Girl’s 40th bday weekend NYC { Personal}

So I have to start out by saying I am NOT a cold weather girl. I daydream of moving to warm, sunny FL someday, so I am not actually sure what we were thinking when we came up with NYC for Michelle and I’s 40th birthday weekend getaway. We were originally thinking somewhere warm like Cabo, but it wasn’t quite budget friendly for all of us.

What we didn’t know was that the weekend we picked, NYC predicted a blizzard. A few people ( mom) thought we were crazy for going, but we went anyway. We weren’t going to let a little snow, and some very wet, soggy socks and boots keep us from having fun.. and having fun we did! At one point, I actually thought it was a good idea to put my feet in a NYC bathroom dryer.. even with strange looks. That first day I literally thought I cannot walk in this cold. I might freeze to death.

Since Sarah, Tina, Michelle and I have all done the touristy NYC things, we decided to do some off the beaten path things, like try all the best food places and umm bakeries. I think we hit one twice at least. Magnolia bakery is the best in NYC for lemon bars and meringues!

We also hit some fun shops, flirted with the waiter with the amazing British accent, had way to much wine that night and got to meet up with my cousin, so fun!  Walked through Central park in the blizzard. So breathtaking. Tried Momofuku noodles (thanks Kelly Purkey!) Decided we weren’t fans of Milkbar unless you like the taste of milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl. Tried to find the Brooklyn Flea ( to no avail), took the ferry over to Brooklyn for the best brunch at Egg and just enjoyed each other’s comapany. I have to say there is just nothing like good friends, and a good girl’s weekend away.

We definately made some fun memories. If you follow me on Instagram there are some fun pictures there. I mostly got some cool landscapes with my Nikon.

I can’t wait for Sarah and Tina’s 40th!

Next time somewhere warm, right girls?;-) Till Next time NYC.


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