St Maarten, the lesser Antilles { Travel, personal}

St. Maarten is a place I absolutely love. For two reasons. First because it’s a special place to my husband and his family, and two because it was one of the first trips my husband and I went on together. It’s a place I never get tired of returning to. Since then, I tell my husband he definately has spoiled me, with trips to wonderful places, places I have never seen, and so many wonderful memories. I have such a love of travel and seeing the world. I also have to thank my wonderful in laws for this amazing villa! It was a once in a lifetime experience I won’t forget!

We had such a wonderful time at the villa, we relaxed by the pool, we swam, we snorkeled. We went shopping in Phillipsburg and another highlight was ziplining at Pic Paradis. Lexi and I could also not get enough of the amazing french bakeries with macarons!

I love sharing my love for travel here and hope you enjoy this post! The good thing about my love for photography also is that I can combine the two! 🙂 My secret wish would be to be a travel photographer! I have such a passion for both!

Our week in pictures…

I was really sad to come home, you know that feeling after you return to reality after something exciting?;-)… but the memories will always be with me.

I also wanted to be sure I took lots of family pictures together so we had wonderful memories to look back on!

Sometimes It’s hard being the photographer directing, but Susan did a wonderful job capturing a few shots of our family as well! I have plans for Christmas this year! 🙂

and last but not least.. some of the fun places we went and things we saw!



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