Laguna Beach, CA { Travels}

I love spending time in California. It brings back so many great memories of my childhood growing up in Southern CA. I was 15 when we moved away.. but California still holds so many great memories. Childhood spent at the beach. My grandmother, who has since passed away. My cousins that still lives there that we had a great time visiting!

I love the sunshine and palm trees and nice weather year around. I’m lucky that my brother and his wife still live there and of course since it was my nieces  first birthday I booked a flight.

The day we arrived we had dinner at the Beachcomber. Crystal Cove is one of my favorites spots. I love the old 50’s feel of the beach cottages.


I can’t believe it was Blakely’s first visit to the beach! She loved the sand and wanted to eat it. It was so much fun to see her enjoying the beach and especially seeing my little brother as such a good father and both of them just such great parents. I miss her so much and wish we could live closer.


Sunday we celebrated my sweet nieces first birthday. I was so glad I was there to capture what a fun day it was! She loved her cake and her time bouncing on the bounce house with friends. The best part is too I have a nephew on the way! 🙂


The day before I left I got to spend time with some old friends. Michelle I went to middle school with in CA! Tina I met through Michelle who I love as well! We had a great breakfast in Laguna and explored the town and some little hidden gems off the beaten path. Wish we had more time together! Tina was afraid of heights and didn’t come down to the beach.. how did I miss photos of you! Check out my instagram for more photos of our fun day together. We ended the day at the Rooftop lounges with drinks and a yummy salad and got to catch up.

Miss you girls.  Miss you Phil, Nicky and mom. Miss you California….


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