Hello 2015! Goal and dreams for the year…{ Personal}

As I reflect back on 2014, it was a great year, I had many new clients along with some regulars who I love and am so grateful for! I decided that Portrait work was more where my heart was, although this year I am excited about a Summer wedding on the books, so who knows maybe I’ll do a couple intimate weddings this year!

I was also able to do quite a bit of traveling, I crave adventure and  can’t wait to carry that into this year as well!

There were also a few struggles along the way. I remember sometime around early Summer just feeling like I needed MORE. I wasn’t sure what that more even was, but God was speaking to my heart. I prayed that God would use my life and it was really on my heart to serve, I didn’t feel content just going along living my life the same each year, without feeling like in some way I should give back. My husband and I joined a small group through our church which was really nice sharing our heart with other Christians. I felt like we really both have grown from it. We learned to pray for each other, and I learned to give God all my thoughts and struggles and even if we needed something to ASK him.

Fast forward to the first day of January. I specifically prayed again that morning for God to use my life in some way. I got a message later that day from Elle, the leader of Pursuit 31, a group of Christian Photographers. She asked me if I would be interested in Co-Leading the Gainesville Group.Me? Really?? I knew in my heart God was calling me to be an encouragement to other woman. If you know me, you know I can be shy, I tend to stay in my comfort zone. With this comes planning and hosting events, and praying for these ladies. I can’t wait to start! I know it’s just a small step in a bigger plan God has for my life. If anyone of you photography ladies are interested in joining our Gainseville, Northern VA group feel free to get in contact with me! We would love to have you!



Now on to Goals for 2015….

1) Put God first in my business and personal life. Sometimes I tend to forget that God is in control of everything, and do it myself. I have to stop and give God the glory for everything he gives me, be it clients or new opportunities. I have learned that when I trust him, he blesses my life so much!

2) Blog more, at least once a week, whether is is a session or just sharing something personal that is on my heart! This is always a struggle for me! I totally failed at this one last year!

3.)  Do more Personal work. I love shooting our travels, so I will continue to do that as well as document my family more. I am so bad at picking up the camera and grab my iphone instead. I also plan to do more personal work that I love. 

4.) Attend one Conference or Photography workshop. I alway tend to say they are too expensive but I know this is something I need to plan for. 

5. Travel to at least one new place I have never been. ( Hoping more, but at least one!) A few other travels on the list are Florida, Charleston, and St. Maarten. ( Because I love them!)

6.) Do one things that scares me. ( Hello Pursuit 31!)

7.) Continue to work out five days a week and take my fitness to another level. I did awesome at this goal last year and plan to continue. I love lifting heavier, taking fun classes and mixing it up. I got the UP band and along with my Fitness Pal, I’m starting the year making really healthy food choices and can see a difference.

8.) Cultivate more meaniningful relationships with other women and share my heart. Be real and honest and not afraid to put myself out there.

9.) Host a Style Shoot. I am already planning for this with my Pursuit 31 Group! 🙂


Some Personal travel work from last year. Traveling always makes my soul happy! I can’t wait to see where 2015 takes me!






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