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After a busy Summer of shooting weddings it was nice to take the month of August off for some sun and relaxation!

One of our favorite family traditions has become vacationing in St. Maarten. My in laws have been coming for over 25 years, they have a timeshare on the island, and are nice enough to share it with us each year. I have so many awesome memories here. In fact, my husband asked me to come with him after the second month of dating. ( I knew he was a keeper! 🙂

I never tire of the beautiful clear blue waters and beautiful beaches here. Each year I like to try a new restaurant or a new place we haven’t been, since the island is only about  14 miles long, it’s great to mix it up! I found this little beach bar called Kokomo this time and fell in love. I could sit here for hours and just enjoy the view with a cocktail in hand.

I also explored Pinel Island on the trip for the first time. I didn’t bring my Nikon with me, I’m always nervous of beach days and sand, but it was another of my favorite days just with the girls, sunbathing, seeing all the huge iguanas, and enjoying a fabulous lunch.

I love that St. Maarten has become a tradition that I cherish the memories with my family. My kids even say it’s one of their favorite places to visit. I can’t wait to go back and make new memories each time.



The Cute little town of Philipsburg. Great for shopping, the best chocolate, gelato and amazing restaurants!SB1Sb1aSb17Sb43Sb20Sb10Sb5SB2Sb9Sb38Sb37Sb18SB6Sb22SB7Sb16Sb24Sb31Sb32Sb46sb39Sb40Sb34



Dinner at one of our favorites, Bamboo Bernies. The sushi is amazing here, and the edamame and seaweed salad.. I could go on and on.


This was one of my favorite days, the beach here was amazing, the sand so white and soft. We got to try a delicious Anguilla meal as well local to the island, chicken, with rice and peas. It was a relaxing day. The boys had fun paddle boarding and snorkeling here too.



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