Cora’s First birthday session { Sky Meadows Park, Delaplane, VA Child Photography}

I met Cora’s mom at a wedding I recently shot. I love referral sessions! As soon as they pulled up and I saw all the balloons and Etsy decor I knew it was going to be a fun session! Mom did such a great job styling the shoot. I love when all the little details are well thought out, makes my job easy! We met up at the beautiful Sky Meadows State Park, I’ve become so obsessed with this location.

Little Cora is SUPER adorable and was so good during our session! What a little doll. She really could be a baby model!

Also, I have to add this was the first time I got stung by a bee at the end of my session, Thank God, it was right at the end. My foot ended up swelling two times the size and bruising, and a week later I am still having swelling. I don’t know what kind of bee stung me that caused this much pain, but it was all worth it! I guess such a fun job needs a downside sometimes right?

Next time I’m wearing close toed shoes!












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