2018 Personal & Business Goals

I can’t believe we are already a month into 2018! One of my goals is to be more present on my blog and share more of my life this year, so here are some of my goals for the New Year…

Personal Goals:

  • Take more personal photos. As a photographer I find myself never wanting to pick up my camera if I’m not shooting professionally. Unless we are traveling, I love documenting.. but I have been really bad at this and will strive to be better this year.
  • Share more of my personal life on this blog. I love reading and knowing what makes other unique. So why not share more of myself as well? I love documenting travels but would love to share another big passion of mine, which is home design and decor. If you have something you would love to see feel free to leave a comment below.
  • Travel to one new place I haven’t been. I did this the last few years as well, and It’s been amazing! I tend to be a beach person and always pick the beach almost every time. While I do have a beach trip this year to one of my favs, Seaside, FL, this Summer, I’m also going to plan one non beach related trip. Iceland, Banff, and Maine are high on my list! Our next trip up is Carmel, CA and back to Napa. So excited to spend some time with good friends and experience  the beautiful CA coastline.
  • Continue working out 5 days a week and eating healthy but also having balance and eating what I want without feeling guilty. I have found it’s not always what you eat but portion control and daily exercise. I love waking up and putting myself and my health first.
  •  Be a do’ er and not just a dreamer. I recently met up with some photography friends and we discussed that this is an easy pattern to fall into in both our personal and professional life. Personally, home projects are next up. We decided Winter is perfect to get projects around the house done. We finished shiplap in our eat in kitchen and next up is framing our bathroom mirrors. It feels good to feel accomplished and mark those things off your to do list.


Business Goals:

  • Learn something new in this off season. It’s always good to never stop learning. Whether its an online course, workshop or for me learning more about off camera flash. I’m going to push myself to keep learning.
  • Blog at least a four times a month. I think it would be too much to even say once a week, but 3-4 times a month is an acheivable goal!
  • Capture more real moments for my clients. It’s not just about the perfect shot, but the moment behind it.
  • Create more of a work schedule. It’s so easy owning your own business to get distracted. I found myself scrolling way too much on social media..before I know it hours are gone from my day.
  • Keep networking and getting to know other creatives in this industry. This past year, I made several close photographer friends and its so nice being able to share life, second shooting for each other or just bouncing ideas off each other. It’s so invaluable to network. My faith was strengthened so much this past year finding other like minded business women with similar interests.
  • Most importantly, keeping God first in my business and personal life. At times it’s easy to look around and think I need to book X amount clients or weddings but I have faith that God will give me the clients I am meant to have and to serve them well.

Hope your 2018 is an amazing year and you push yourself to be even better than you were last year! XO…


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