Asher Spring Portraits { 4 months}

I can’t believe Asher is five months old! Being a photographer I love documenting him each month but with the gorgeous Spring weather we have been having, I wanted to get out and take some mother/ son Spring portraits, so we headed down to Dumbarton Oaks in Georgetown and when I walked in these gardens my jaw dropped! Hello Gorgeous Spring trees.. forget the D.C Cherry Blossoms, Georgetown was gorgeous!! and without all the crowds. It was a little comical trying to push a stroller through gravel with Lexie in high heels no less, but we did it in with about 15 minutes till  the gardens closed. We made a fun day out of it after, as we walked through Georgetown and found the cutest little cafe that served Cherry Blossom lattes!

I love my little grandson, he has been such a blessing and such a joy! He’s laughing and hugging our necks and is just an all around sweet little boy. I love seeing him grow and having the opportunity to be with him everyday and help raise him. God never makes mistakes. I heard this song on the radio the other day and it just spoke to my heart…

I never knew anything lasts forever till I found you, till I found you,

I never dreamed anything could be better till I found you, till I  found you,

You’re rewriting my story and I’m brand new like the morning

Oh I never knew anything lasts forever till I found you, till I found you. – Phil Whickham

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