Weekend getaways & Winter blues…

I don’t know about you.. but this Winter has been rough. All the snow is pretty but can make one feel cooped up all at the same time.

As a photographer, Winter is always hard here in the East. Nobody wants to be out shooting in frigid temps. Makes me dream of living somewhere warm where shooting throughout the year would be dream! I always remind myself that Winter also bring slumps and the best way to get out of them is to A. Book a tropical vacation= which is not always feasible or B. Take a weekend getaway!

February was my birthday month, so when my husband asked if I wanted to go away for the weekend, of course I jumped on it. Baltimore is close, and aside from the Harbor, if you go off the beaten path.. has some pretty cool little spots! I had never been to Fell’s point or Little Italy.. both super cute and charming.

Spring is just around the corner, which means Spring sessions and warmer weather…

What do you do to beat the Winter blues? Some other ideas…

Brainstorm ideas to grow your business.

Work on updating your website. I still need to do this!

Don’t let fear of failure get you down. I struggled with this!

Grab coffee with another photographer friend or reach out to one!

Be an encouragement to someone else.

Plan a style shoot.

Think of ways to save for United next year. 🙂 Or for that workshop you really want to go to!

Go out and shoot for fun! Weekend getaways are a great creative outlet to do that!


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